Khaled Sameer

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Senior full stack developer

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Hello! I'm Khaled Sameer. Innovative optimized solution seeker. Excited to be at the deployment phase of my new career as a senior full stack engineer. I am ambitious, adventurous, assiduous, animated, and an alliteration advocate.

Work Experience

05/2021 - Present - Dubai, UAE

Senior full stack developer is an online B2B marketplace connecting global buyers and sellers, offering a wide range of products and services to streamline business procurement.
  • Focus on backend development and acting as team lead, Provide technical leadership to teammates through coaching and mentorship
  • Guide team development efforts towards successful project delivery.
  • Maintain high standards of software quality within the team by establishing good practices and habits by following high standers and the best practices of software engineering by considering Code readability, Modularity, Documentation, Testing, Solid principles, and Design patterns.
  • Working closely with other teams to ensure all services are operating as intended.
  • Maintaining all services SDK's, framework and internal libraries
  • Architecture and developing B2B features like cart and checkout
  • Develop FinTech features like credit facilities and AECB integrations.
  • Develop payment integrations with APS and Checkout.
  • Major technology stack, Javascript, Typescript, React.js, NextJ, Node js, NestJs, Express.js, AWS , CI/CD, Github Actions, Jenkins, Kafka, Redis, docker, Kubernetes, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Jest and cypress
NodeJs NestJs Express Kafka MongoDb Postgresql Datadog Elasticsearch Docker Redis Git Html Next.js React AWS Jenkins Google BigQuery Javascript Microservice OOP Strapi AECB FinTech APS API TypeScript CSS Chakra UI Tailwind e-commerce
08/2018 - 05/2021,

Middle East Broadcasting Center (MBC) - Dubai, UAE

Sr. Full Stack Web Developer

MBC Group is a Dubai-based media company that operates popular TV channels and an online platform in the Middle East and North Africa.
  • Architect and developed end-to-end applications like video editing task management, assets management systems, incident management, identity management, document management, events management and many other solutions
  • Creating and optimizing servers and databases functionality
  • Converting business needs into technical solutions
  • Designing, developing, and integrating external APIs with the internal organization solutions
  • Creates Microsoft Power BI reports and C-level and management dashboards.
  • Maintaining hosting servers and their updates and patches.
  • Develop many Microservices and micro Apps for reports and automate process
  • Major technology stack, Javascript, Typescript, Angular, Microsoft Azure, CI/CD, DotNet framework, DotNet Core, C#, Shell scripts, Sharepoint, MySql, MsSQL, Windows & Linux, DevExpress, Entity Framework, WebForms, Soap, PHP, Wordpress, FTP, Using On-premise and Azure hosting, Jest and xUnit
NodeJs DotNet Framework 4.8 DotNet Core Angular VueJs Microsoft SQL GraphQL API Html C# OOP Javascript Sharepoint Microsoft Azure Azure AD Redis Aspnet Boilerplate Microservice Microsoft Power BI SASS Ant design
02/2017 - 08/2018

General Authority for Youth & Sports - Dubai, UAE

Web Developer

General Authority for Sports is the higher government authority empowered to look after the UAE sports sector. It is responsible for setting up an environment that allows athletes to develop their physical skills.
  • Accelerate E-Government transformation by developing and maintaining E-Services
  • Converting paper based business processes into digital solutions
  • Architect and developed government services like Licence Registration, renewal , Permit and many more
  • 100% Test coverage and fixing bugs and performance improvement for source code and databases.
  • Develop, build, and maintain public Websites and website content(CMS).
  • Integrate multiple org tools such as payment gateways and HRMS
  • Working closely with designers and business owner to insure delivery in timely manner
  • Responsible for more than 18 online services making sure always have the latest packing updates and bug fixes.
  • Major technology stack, Javascript, Typescript, Angular, On-premise hosting,Jenkins ,CI/CD, DotNet framework, DotNet Core, PHP, C#, VB.NET, Dapper MySql, MsSQL, Windows & Linux, DevExpress, Entity Framework, WebForms, Soap, XML and xUnit
DotNet Framework 4.8 DotNet Core Angular.js Microsoft SQL Html C# OOP Javascript Sharepoint PHP Redis Microservice Dapper Soap Material UI Laravel
03/2011 - 02/2017

Electronic Spaces - Dubai, UAE

Software Developer

Electronic spaces focus on security and integrating hardware and software. Electronic Spaces been known for it's IOT elevations and providing customized solutions for Banking and restaurant sections
  • Develop a backend for IOT device "Malak-E" a smartwatch
  • ARM & Intel embedded system hardware development
  • Develop and integrate software for security, like biometrics, fingerprint, and access controls
  • Develop Time attendance software that has been used by the Iraqi government for more than 5000 Employee
  • Design POC devices using intel Galileo, Arduino, and other development boards.
  • Develop Bluetooth-based devices for location tracking and security.
  • Develop WordPress-based websites for restaurants and coffee shop.
  • Develop a POS software for restaurants and supermarkets
  • Major technology stack, Javascript, NodeJs, Java, Laravel, Laravel forge, On Cloud hosting, DotNet framework, DotNet Core, PHP, C#, Dapper MySql, Linux, Netty, JQuery, Wordpress, Spring Boot, Soap, VB.NET
Microsoft SQL MySQL Html PHP Laravel Javascript Java Spring Netty Realtime